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About A Best PCs

Andrew started A Best PCs back in 2012 and we been a leader in the computer repair industry since. We started in the IT business to save people money and offer superior products and services that the IT industry simply can’t match. When I hear other people’s story on other repair shop or other stories, I simply share my experience with them. I like to treat my clients with respect and offer help in their IT environment. Because of this, I have a lot of returning customers who are satisfied in my service and skills.

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Fast Turn Around

About The Repair

In 2011 I started to learn computer repairs in online program. Here I started helping my friends with their computer issues. I was advised by a friend to start my own business, because I am very good at it. I took her advice and quickly took off from there. I established the business back in 2012. I continued to learn more and more on computers. I then took a few more lessons and other training programs. In 2018 I started to get my certifications in the IT Field. It should be fun to learn even more skills, so we can offer more services for our clients.

Fast Turn Around

Trusts Is Important

The repair process starts with trust. We earn your trust by repairing your computer the very first time, and we earn your trust by having knowledgeable staff. We want to treat everyone with our most genuine respect and offer you solutions to resolve your issue. We will go the extra mile in showing you why your problem happened and share our empierce with you to prevent it happening again in the future.